The Texas Technique is a power coaching program created by Glenn Pendlay and Mark Rippetoe. 

It’s a favourite routine for many who’ve stopped seeing outcomes from newbie packages and want a extra superior routine to proceed progressing

On this article, you’ll study what the Texas Technique is, in addition to all the pieces it’s essential to learn about following the Texas Technique program, together with the exercise routine, methods to schedule your coaching, the workout routines, relaxation occasions, development scheme concerned, and extra. 

What Is the Texas Technique?

The Texas Technique is a weightlifting program created considerably accidentally by the well-known Olympic weightlifting coach, Glenn Pendlay, and the creator of Beginning Power, Mark Rippetoe.

They designed the Texas Technique lifting routine for athletes who discovered doing 5 units of 5 reps of squats on Fridays too exhausting. As an alternative, the athletes might skip the 5×5, supplied they tried a brand new 5-rep max

Over time, the coaches seen that the athletes doing this easier routine outperformed these sticking to five units of 5 reps in each exercise. And with that, the Texas Technique was born.

The “technique” is basically a versatile coaching framework moderately than a strict power program.

It’s good for many who have maxed out their features from newbie packages as a result of it slows the speed of development, which is significant if you wish to proceed gaining power after your first 6-to-12 months of coaching.

What units the Texas Technique aside from many power coaching packages is its use of every day undulating periodization. This strategy alters the quantity and depth of exercises all through the week that can assist you keep away from progress plateaus.

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A Full Information to the Texas Technique Program

Right here’s all the pieces it’s essential to know concerning the Texas Technique program.

The Texas Technique Lifting Routine

You do 3 exercises per week on The Texas Technique.

Mondays are “Quantity Days,” the place you elevate reasonably heavy weights for units of 5 reps.

Wednesdays are “Gentle Days,” the place you do fewer units of 5 reps with lighter weights.

Fridays are “Depth Days,” the place you intention for 1 set of 5 reps at your most effort, with the aim of setting a brand new private document (PR)

Right here’s an instance of a well-rounded Texas Technique exercise routine that many individuals comply with:

Texas Method Workout Routine


You alternate between weeks A and B, which lets you attempt for brand new private information on each your bench press and overhead press often.

Quantity and Gentle Days are simple: you begin with a warm-up (extra on the specifics quickly), then do your deliberate units and reps.

On Fridays, your aim is to elevate essentially the most weight you may. Start with a warm-up, then try a brand new 5-rep PR, aiming for 5-to-10 kilos greater than your final 5-rep max.

As an example, in case your finest 5-rep squat is 275 kilos, on Friday, you’ll attempt for 280 or 285 kilos.

The Texas Technique Schedule

Most individuals default to the next schedule:

  • Monday: Quantity
  • Tuesday: Relaxation
  • Wednesday: Gentle
  • Thursday: Relaxation
  • Friday: Depth
  • Saturday: Relaxation 
  • Sunday: Relaxation

That mentioned, you may be versatile if coaching on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays doesn’t fit your schedule. The one factor to recollect is that you have to depart at the very least at some point to get better between exercises. 

The Texas Technique Workouts

As a result of there’s no set routine for the Texas Technique, the workout routines can range relying on the intention of this system. Generally, nonetheless, the workout routines within the Texas Technique program are:

How Lengthy to Relaxation Between Units in a Texas Technique Exercise

Relaxation 2-to-5 minutes between units or till you’re feeling prepared to provide the subsequent set your finest effort.

Heat Up in a Texas Technique Exercise

Begin with an empty bar for two units of 5 reps.

Enhance the load progressively over a number of extra units till you attain your goal weight.

For a 275-pound squat in a Friday exercise, your warm-up might appear like this:

  • Empty Bar (45 kilos): 2 units of 5 reps
  • 135 Kilos: 2 units of 5 reps
  • 185 Kilos: 1 set of three reps
  • 235 Kilos: 1 set of two reps
  • 275 Kilos (Your working units): Strive to your new 5-rep max

Progress on the Texas Technique Program

The primary thought of the Texas Technique lifting routine is to make progress each week.

To do that, add 5 kilos to your single set of 5 reps each Friday. You’ll use this new 5-rep max to find out what weights to make use of on Monday and Wednesday. Then, the subsequent Friday, you attempt for a brand new PR once more. This linear development ensures the weights you elevate in every exercise improve over time. 

If Monday’s exercise is simply too laborious (which means you may’t full all of your reps with good kind), it’s an indication it’s essential to cut back your workload. A great place to begin is doing 3 units of 5 reps at 90% of your 5-rep max for squats and bench presses, or decrease the load to 80% of your 5-rep max. The important thing right here is permitting your physique extra time to get better.

In case you’re okay on Monday however can’t hit new PRs on Friday, you may want to alter your Monday exercise by growing the amount (what number of reps you do) or the depth (how heavy the weights are).

For growing quantity, for instance, as a substitute of 5 units of 5 reps at 90% of your 5-rep max, attempt doing 5 units of 8 reps at 80%.

To extend the load whereas conserving your complete variety of reps about the identical, you may do 8 units of three reps (totaling 24 reps) with 95% of your 5 rep max as a substitute of your traditional 5 units of 5 reps.

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The Texas Technique Program FAQs

FAQ #1: What’s the Texas technique?

The Texas Technique is a power coaching program co-developed by Glenn Pendlay and Mark Rippetoe. The three-day program primarily consists of compound workout routines and adjusts coaching quantity and depth throughout the week that can assist you proceed making progress when you’ve outgrown newbie packages.

FAQ #2: Does the Texas technique work?

Sure, the Texas Technique works effectively for intermediate weightlifters who’ve hit a plateau with their present routines. Various quantity and depth throughout the week helps you break by plateaus and proceed making power and muscle features.

FAQ #3: Is the Texas Technique good for newbies?

The Texas Technique is finest suited for many who have already constructed a basis of power and are now not making features with newbie packages. It’s designed for weightlifters who want a extra refined program to proceed progressing, making it much less perfect for these new to weightlifting.